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notice for Gao Xiaofei's research group in the School of Life Sciences, West Lake University

1. Laboratory introduction

Our laboratory is mainly dedicated to exploring new molecular mechanisms of stem cell self-renewal and aging, and actively use the research results for transformational applications. Through the combination of genetics, cell biology, biochemistry and bioinformatics, explore how stem cells integrate various information and determine cell fate during the process of self-renewal and aging. At the same time, the laboratory has developed personalized new red blood cell therapy technology, which can carry various drugs through red blood cells, and effectively treat major diseases including cancer, rare diseases, chronic immune and metabolic diseases. (Please log in to for more team information).

2. Recruitment positions and conditions

1. Recruitment position: post-doctorate (3 people)
2. Qualifications:
(1) Immunity: Engaged in the research of immunology, especially the interaction between T cells and cancer cells;
(2) Stem cell direction: engaged in research in the field of stem cell fate determination or cell heterogeneity;
(3) Bioinformatics/advanced algorithm direction: Familiar with machine learning and deep learning algorithms, familiar with the basic analysis process of bioinformatics, participating in specific biological problem-based modeling and tool development projects is preferred.
3. Requirements:
(1) The age is not more than 35 years old; has obtained or is about to obtain a doctorate degree;
(2) Have a strong interest in scientific research, and be able to carry out research independently under a small amount of guidance;
(3) Physical and mental health, with good communication skills, a high sense of responsibility and a strong team spirit.

3. Salary

According to personal scientific research ability and relevant regulations for post-doctorate, they will be distributed preferentially. The research team will provide a stable working environment and a first-class research platform, assist in applying for post-doctoral related projects, and support personal career development based on interests and needs.
For those who have received funding from the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation and provincial postdoctoral research projects, Hangzhou City will provide a 1:1 supporting funding. For post-doctoral students who leave the station to work in Hangzhou (to Hangzhou), Hangzhou City will give each person 400,000 yuan in subsidies.

4、Application Method

Please send the following materials in PDF format to, with the subject of the email: "Postdoctoral candidate + my name". Those who meet the requirements and pass the preliminary review will be notified to arrange an interview. Recruitment notices are valid until the position is full.
1. Personal resume;
2.2 Recommendation letters from peer experts;
3. Proof of doctoral degree.